Finding & Renting a Storage Unit

Published on 11/11/2021

Finding & Renting a Storage Unit 

Forget about the old days of using the phone book to call a bunch of different storage facilities. Then... half of them answer their phones, and half of those have available the size you need to rent, and then half of those are not able to meet you at the facility to let you in - until it's on their time frame. Today, we have the greatest resource ever... the internet!

You can quickly search on the internet to find a website for a storage facility, see everything they offer, what units are available, AND... you can rent and pay online, and move in the same day. When it comes to finding the right storage unit, the internet is the source to go to! Now that you've found a bunch of different storage facilities, it's time to ask yourself some questions about the storage facilities that you've found.

  • First, is Cost: How much does the storage unit cost?

  • Location: Is it close to main roads (like Interstate 5)? Is it close to your house or work? How is the neighborhood? Are the neighboring businesses kept in good shape?

  • Lighting: Is there good lighting available for those darker winter months? How bright is it at night?

  • Easy Access: Can you easily maneuver a truck around the facility?

  • Fence & Gate: Is there a perimeter fence or a gate? Does the gate have electronic access?

  • Features: Do they have any convenience features such as... Can you: Rent online? Receive Text/Email Notifications about your bill or account? Access your bill and make a payment online? Be set up on AutoPay? Easily update your phone or address?

Keep all of these questions in mind as you search for and rent your next storage facility. It could save you some headaches down the road. :-)

Happy Storing!