How To Store Furniture The Right Way

Published on 6/24/2021

Packing up all of your wooden, leather, down, and fabric furniture can definitely be a stressful task. Here are a few tips on how to store your furniture the right way.

  1. Clean Everything Before Storing. Make sure you wipe down items, vacuum cushions, and make sure you never put anything into storage if it’s already dirty. This will prevent unwanted odors, but more importantly, it prevents the risk of mold and mildew growth.

    • With wooden or plastic furniture, use a mild soap and water. For wooden objects especially, use a duster or a wood cleaner like Murphy Oil Soap to protect the finish on the wood.

    • Use a fabric or upholstery cleaner to clean couches and chairs, but be sure everything is completely dry before packing it up.

    • Lastly, polish any metal sections with a polishing cloth and metal cleaner. This removes any oxidation and will delay the build up of rust or tarnish.

  2. Take Everything Apart. Take apart things such as bed frames, desks, bookshelves, tables, and more! This just allows easier transportation and much more room to be used within your storage unit. Make sure to put screws and bolts in labeled bags or containers.

  3. Wrap or Cover Furniture for Long Term Storage. Lay down plastic sheeting or pallets to prevent moisture from the floor seeping into your furniture or boxes. Make sure everything is covered with plastic sheets. This will protect your items from dust, moisture, etc. If you wrap furniture in thick plastic it may create moisture block, odors, and eventually perhaps swelling. You can wrap the furniture with old blankets and sheets so it can breathe, or a dust cover will also allow furniture to breathe while keeping dust and moisture off it.

  4. Protect your Glass Items. Make sure to take extra precautions with glass items. Wrap them in packing paper and be sure not to place tape directly onto the glass or it will leave a sticky residue you’d have to deal with later. Wrapping glass in bubble wrap or putting it into a box will also provide it with extra security.

  5. Don’t Leave Food Behind. Never leave food or anything perishable in the storage unit, because you may attract bugs or unwanted critters. You unit may have pest control packets in it, like D-Con. You can never be too cautious. Pest control packets should be replaced over time.

These are a few of our best tips for storing furniture in your storage unit! Rent a clean and affordable storage unit with us today and we’ll help ensure safety to you and your belongings.