Know Your Stuff is Safe

Published on 2/18/2021

Whether you’re a veteran of renting storage or a first-timer, it can be easy to overlook important factors when it comes to renting storage. One thing that should be a priority when searching for a reasonably-priced and conveniently-located unit is the security of the facility you are renting from. Of all the things that happen in daily life, it will alleviate a lot of stress not having to worry about the wellbeing of your belongings. 

So how do you know if a storage facility is safe and secure? The most ideal way would be to go and actually see the facility before you commit to renting. Look around to see what kind of lighting there will be at night. Ask about security features that are in place such as fences and video surveillance. If there is a gate system, make sure you thoroughly understand how it works. Although these electronic features are important, location is also big factor to take into consideration. Keep in mind what kind of neighborhoods are nearby. 

Certainly life doesn’t always cooperate, and you might not be able to see the facility beforehand. However, you can do a lot of the research online by searching for testimonials and reviews on facilities in your area. Doing so may make you aware of some areas you may want to avoid, while also informing you which facilities you will have a better experience with. 

For some people, these security features might be the deciding factor. Some might even pay a little more or drive further to have the satisfaction of knowing their valuables are secure. These are just a few factors to consider while choosing which storage is right for you! 

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